The period of study at the university is not only a serious stage in the life of the young man, but also the most important preparation for the future life.

You can argue, saying that, they say, many graduates do not work in their specialty, make my essay and the diploma is just a piece of paper … and in some cases you will be right. In this case, it is logical to ask the answer question – and why then spend as much as five, or even six precious years to study? Can it be easier to “draw” or buy in the transition this “piece of paper”?

In the “troubled times” of the early 1990s, some people might agree that it is so much simpler – a kind of elevator to higher education, but the generation of the 21st century will most likely be objected to, by stating that the diploma of a university should be genuine, and knowledge real. Without this, a person is insolvent and will not be in demand.

In the language of economics, a good higher education is an investment in human capital. The entrant choosing a university should clearly understand why he is doing it, what will give him the chosen higher education institution, whether he will be able to get a high-paid prestigious job, grow professionally, make a career … This also affects the evolution of the education system as a whole.

Due to the difficult demographic situation, scientists, economists and sociologists, also took care of the problem of choice. They began to conduct research among school leavers and freshmen for motivation in choosing a university and future profession. The results were more than interesting: one third of respondents preferred the choice of the institution of its prestige, some managed to combine interests and the “right” university. The second part of the respondents was attracted by high earnings in this or that field. The degree of “interestingness” of the profession and the degree of professional compliance were not always taken into account. The third part gave other answers.

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